Interface RequestInit

interface RequestInit {
    body?: null | BodyInit;
    cache?: RequestCache;
    credentials?: RequestCredentials;
    headers?: HeadersInit;
    integrity?: string;
    keepalive?: boolean;
    method?: string;
    mode?: RequestMode;
    redirect?: RequestRedirect;
    referrer?: string;
    referrerPolicy?: ReferrerPolicy;
    signal?: null | AbortSignal;
    window?: null;


body?: null | BodyInit

A BodyInit object or null to set request's body.

cache?: RequestCache

A string indicating how the request will interact with the local cache to set request's cache.

credentials?: RequestCredentials

A string indicating whether credentials will be sent with the request always, never, or only when sent to a same-origin URL. Sets request's credentials.

headers?: HeadersInit

A Headers object, an object literal, or an array of two-item arrays to set request's headers.

integrity?: string

A cryptographic hash of the resource to be fetched by request. Sets request's integrity.

keepalive?: boolean

A boolean to set request's keepalive.

method?: string

A string to set request's method.

A string to indicate whether the request will use CORS, or will be restricted to same-origin URLs. Sets request's mode.

redirect?: RequestRedirect

A string indicating whether request follows redirects, results in an error upon encountering a redirect, or returns the redirect (in an opaque fashion). Sets request's redirect.

referrer?: string

A string whose value is a same-origin URL, "about:client", or the empty string, to set request's referrer.

referrerPolicy?: ReferrerPolicy

A referrer policy to set request's referrerPolicy.

signal?: null | AbortSignal

An AbortSignal to set request's signal.

window?: null

Can only be null. Used to disassociate request from any Window.